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Wearing Body Chains: Unlock Your Style & Accessorize Your Look

The Versatility and Appeal of Body Chains

Body chains have been an integral part of fashion for centuries. In modern times, they have taken on a life of their own, becoming distinct and unique accessories that express individual style and enhance any look. Whether you’re wearing a classic or contemporary outfit, body chains add just the right touch to stand out from the crowd.

Body chains are stylish choices for both men and women, and come in a variety of materials. From delicate gold-plated chains to daring crystal designs, and everything in between, you can find a style that perfectly complements your desired look.

These versatile accessories can be worn to make a statement, or just add a subtle accent to an otherwise subdued outfit. Either way, you can use body chains to express yourself and reflect your personality.

Types of Body Chains

Body chains are a great way to add sparkle and edge to your look. With so many options available, it can be hard to know where to start. Here is a quick rundown of some popular body chain styles.

  • Single-Row Body Chains: Single row body chains consist of one line of metal or beads or a combination of both. These chains have a more simple and classic look and usually go from the neck down to the waist. They can be worn over a shirt for a subtle hint of shine.
  • Multi-Row Body Chains: As the name suggests, these body chains feature multiple rows of metal or beads that add texture and drama. These statement pieces will instantly take your outfit to the next level.
  • Waist Chains: Waist chains are perfect for showing off your curves. They typically come in a single row of metal or beads, and wrap around your midsection for an eye-catching look.
  • Anklets: Anklets provide a delicate allure to any outfit. They are simple in design and are perfect for adding a subtle touch of glamour.

Whether you opt for a single-row or multi-row body chain, there is something for everyone. With a variety of colors, lengths, and materials, you are guaranteed to find a style that works with any look.

How to Wear Body Chains

The versatility of body chains makes them easy to incorporate into a wide variety of looks. From classic to modern, there’s an endless number of ways to rock them.

One of the easiest ways to wear a body chain is as a single piece of statement jewelry. This can be done by simply wearing a pre-made body chain with your everyday clothes, or layering multiple necklaces of different lengths for an eye-catching effect. You can also experiment with pairing a body chain with other jewelry pieces like earrings and rings for a more glamorous look.

Another popular way to wear body chains is over a simple dress, top or jumpsuit. This is an especially effective way to incorporate body chains into formal events. For a special occasion outfit, opt for a body chain design that features intricate detailing, Swarovski stones, or metallic accents.

For a street style look, consider pairing your body chain with an edgier ensemble. A leather jacket and distressed jeans work well with this style, while a vivid colored body chain can easily add a hint of punk-rock chic.

The options are endless when it comes to wearing body chains. With a little creativity, you can find the perfect way to express your individual style.

Ways to Accessorize with Body Chains

Body chains can be a great way to add a touch of sparkle and drama to any outfit. To begin accessorizing, consider the type of clothing you will be wearing. Flowy or romantic items can be nicely complemented with a delicate body chain, while more structured pieces can benefit from a bolder style. Pairing the right body chain with the right outfit is key for a sophisticated, runway-worthy look.

In terms of jewelry, consider wearing a body chain with minimal earrings and necklaces. This is especially true when trying out a more delicate body chain, as this allows it to take center stage while other jewelry pieces provide accentuation. When opting for a bolder body chain, you can choose to embrace maximalist chic by selecting similarly bold earrings, rings, and necklaces.

Apart from jewelry, you can also choose to accessorize a body chain with clothing. Experiment with plunging necklines, crop tops, or strapless dresses to make sure your body chain is nicely showcased. If you are feeling daring, you can also pair your body chain with a choker neckline for a modern and edgy look. Alternatively, you could choose to layer multiple necklaces over one another, giving the body chain a layered and intricate appearance.

So don’t be afraid to have fun with body chains! With the right combinations, you can take an ordinary outfit from basic to absolutely dazzling in no time.

Making Your Own Body Chains

Are you looking for a way to stand out from the crowd? Making your own body chains is a creative and unique way to add a personalized aesthetic to your wardrobe. It may seem intimidating, but this guide will walk you through the basics of making your own body chains.

When making your own body chains, it’s important to consider the materials and tools that you’ll need before getting started. Depending on the type of body chain you’re making, you may need items such as jewelry wire, chain, clasps, jump rings, flat nose pliers, and round nose pliers. It is important to find a professional store that offers high quality products so you can ensure you have quality materials. You should also consider safety when making any type of jewelry. Make sure you practice proper safety techniques such as never wearing jewelry in the shower or pool, and always cleaning your items after use.

Once you have the materials and safety considerations covered, you can focus on creating the body chain. Step one is to measure the area of your body you’d like to cover with the chain. Once you have an idea of the size, cut the wire to the desired size and shape. From there, you can begin cutting the chain to fit the piece of wire. When you have the wire and the chain ready, you can attach them together using the clasps and jump rings. Once your body chain is complete, make sure everything is secure and you’re ready to wear it!

Outfit Ideas

Body chains are a great way to give an outfit a contemporary edge. Whether you’re heading out for a night on the town or just wanting to bring a bit of sparkle into your everyday look, incorporating a body chain into your style is the perfect way to upgrade a look and express individual style.

If you’re aiming for a more classic, timeless look, try wearing a thinner chain that is in a matching tone to your outfit. This helps to create a subtle look that ties the whole ensemble together. Alternatively, if you’re going for a bolder statement, opt for a thicker piece with a bright color or gemstones.

To create a show-stopping look, layer up different types of body chains. This will add texture and contrast to the outfit, as well as creating shimmering layers of sparkle. For a more subtle effect, tuck the chains beneath a top or dress to emphasize the shape of the garment, or try wearing them around the neck for a layered effect.

For a modern, street chic feel, mix and match complementary chains in different metals. Wearing different lengths of body chains can also be a great way to add drama and dimension to an outfit. Match neutral chains with bright colors and clashing textures to create a standout look.

Finally, remember to consider complementing pieces like shoes, hats, or scarves for additional touches of flair and personality, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles. With enough practice and patience, you’ll soon find the perfect combination of body chains and other accessories to bring your outfits to life!


Body chains are a great way to express individual style and add a unique touch to any outfit. They come in a wide variety of styles, from classic draped chains that hug the curves of your body to modern designs inspired by industrial hardware. You can wear them with casual or formal looks, and accessorize them with jewelry, clothing, or both. If you are feeling especially creative, you can even make your own body chains. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to styling with body chains!

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